Multicom Corporate Performance Management

The product is designed to offer very complex transformation of the original data with maximum degree of automation and yet simplifying the process for the end user. This enables the timely insights and actions, based on analysis of a predefined set of financial indicators that monitor and record strategic changes caused by market and management decisions.

The solution includes:

  • Built-in KPI model based on the financial statements in accordance with IFRS
  • Graphical representation through reporting dashboards
  • Dynamic comparison of recent and historical performance indicators through the trend line
  • An analysis of the causes of the problem by using a detailed listing of the origin and impact indicators
  • Automated process of calculations and data collection
  • Creation of new and definition updates of existing indicators
  • Additional controlling tool functionalities

Calculation options

  • Creating indicators using user-defined formulas
  • Unlimited chaining of indicators
  • Details of origin ( Lineage ) and impact of each calculated value
  • Support for hierarchical calculation with the weighting factors (Sum, Average, Weighted Average, Best Case, Worst Case )
  • Evaluation of indicator values (Scoring) based on defined thresholds
  • Retrieval of data from different sources ( MOLAP , relational , files … )
  • Automatic updates

Multicom’s solution for enterprise strategic indicators (Key Performance Indicators – KPI) is a web based solution that allows continuous monitoring of key financial indicators in the banking business. The built-in financial KPIs and ratios prove the profitability and fiscal health of your business.

Reporting capabilities

  • Graphic display by line , bar and other types of graphs
  • Selectable reportable dimensions (X and Y axis , series, parameters )
  • Dashboards with several parallel graphics
  • Reports and dashboards sharing among users
  • Tabular presentation of the data with dynamic comparisons

Financial KPI model for banking

  • 6 predefined dashboards
  • 22 predefined reports with graphical presentation
  • 70 predefined indicators
    • Indicators of effectiveness
    • Profitability indicators
    • Operational efficiency indicators
    • Indicators of leverage of capital
    • Balance sheet ratios
    • Cost Analysis
  • Possibility to extend the user-defined dashboards , reports and indicators
  • The ability to use applications as controlling tools (analysis, comparisons, ratios, trends … )

Multicom’s CPM solution is based on Oracle technologies

  • Oracle Database 10g or later (Standard Edition One, Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition)
  • Oracle Application Express (APEX) – a free license included with Oracle Database