Multicom je izlagač na TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World od 19. do 21. rujna u Kopenhagenu!

Multicom je izlagač na TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World od 19. do 21. rujna u Kopenhagenu!

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Multicom će predstaviti inovativna rješenja za pružatelje usluga:

Digital Process Discovery – Process Mining: Processes within enterprises can be distributed, complex and can involve collaboration of multiple parties within and outside the organization. Due to the years of business and technology driven changes, existing process documentation can become inadequate. To achieve operational efficiency and transformation from Product-Centric to Customer-Centric, enterprises are facing with the constant need for control, management and change of processes as well as detection and categorization of new ones. To address such problems, Process Performance System is using data mining concepts and techniques to exploit raw and potentially unrelated process data (from various sources) and link them into business process models with variances. The result is digital process documentation that allows organizations to implement operational process execution monitoring, further analysis, identification of potential problems and supports decision making on how to improve and thus progress to higher maturity level. Additionally, documentation can be used for Revision/Compliancy/Conformance check, discovery of „AS IS” processes as an input and functional check for introduction of new „TO BE” systems.

UOM Bill Formatter (Unified Output Management) is integrated solution for design, production and multichannel delivery of customer output documents based on variable data. UOM streamlines extraction and processing of dynamic data from different sources, CRM like management of customer’s data, creation of highly formatted templates for “pixel perfect” document presentment and delivery through different communication channels: by paper, e-mail, and most electronic formats. Optimized Telco data model that supports multiple hierarchies offers unique Customer Inbox functionality – hierarchical access to customer’s data and documents from integrated frontend and self care systems. Together with open-source document production tools integrated for high performance and visual tools for data transformations and processing you can achieve significant reduction of the operational costs with minor technical expertise required to use and maintain the system.

mBill Dynamic Pricing is innovative, high-performance rating, charging and billing solution. It enables complete insight into the business logic, support for multiple customer hierarchies with flexible discounting options, enables dynamic product bundling and fast creation of tailored offerings with the goal to increase customer’s lifetime value. An intuitive GUI driven engine enables modelling of complex algorithms, and “visual programming”. It is, virtually eliminating functional or technical limitations in pricing development and revenue-sharing plans for different types of services. mBill makes it simple for service providers to respond to new market challenges, launch innovative new flexible services, accelerate time to market and reduce operational costs.

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Utorak, 19. rujna  Srijeda, 20. rujna – The Loft

15:15 – 15:25

Demo: Digital Process Discovery – Process Mining

Naš demo Process Performance System pokazat će kako digitalno otkriti i vizualizirati procese koristeći distribuirane zapisnike aplikacija na temelju stvarnog primjera telekomunikacijskog upravljanja narudžbama. Naš sustav koristi koncepte i tehnike rudarenja podataka za iskorištavanje sirovih i potencijalno nepovezanih podataka procesa i njihovo povezivanje u modele poslovnih procesa s varijacijama. Rezultat je digitalna dokumentacija procesa koja organizacijama omogućuje implementaciju praćenja izvršenja operativnih procesa, identifikaciju potencijalnih problema i podržava donošenje odluka o tome kako se poboljšati i time napredovati do više razine zrelosti.

Mario Karakaš, voditelj upravljanja projektima, Multicom

Hrvoje Pehar, glavni savjetnik, Multicom