Application platform for business solutions with generic web interface. It allows integration of various business content within the same system allowing a complete overview of business applications and their synergies.

Oracle Database tehnology

ETL – Oracle Warehouse Builder Enterprise ETL tool intended for the extraction, transformation and separation of data in complex data warehousing projects, Oracle Advanced Analytics option allows complex analysis of data (data mining) with the aim of generating empiric (predictive) data model

Oracle Business Intelligence

BI platform that integrates tools for ad-hoc analysis, preparation, presentation and distribution of reports according to client needs.

SAP Convergent Charging

Billing solution that allows service providers a high level of flexibility in billing, tariffing and packaging services with high performance, low TCO and proven ease of integration with network and operating systems.

In memory technologies

Latency, scalability and concurrency are critical considerations for many applications. We use proven open source technologies, such as: in memory JAVA engines, REDIS cache storage, ELASTIC index structure for Redis data, APACHE KAFKA message streaming platform and PostGre SQL.

BigData technologies

We design and build general purpose, as well as specialized Hadoop Ecosystem based Data Lakes with NoSQL, SQL, Spark, Artificial Intelligence, batch and stream processing in mind.  For this purpose, we use industry leading and open source platforms and technologies, such as: Cloudera CDH (HBase, HIVE, Impala, Kafka, Sqoop, HUE), StreamSets, Cassandra and Apache Spark.

Predictive analytics technologies

With Predictive analytics we can transform the way your business operates. With this in mind, we have developed our tools and practices with technologies such as RStudio Server, Shiny, Python scikit-learn, Dash, R Caret and Keras to more efficiently and easily extract insight and value from unused data.