1CustomerView Sales frontend

Service Frontend

1CV SF represents proven web and mobile application, with development framework, that enables service provid- ers to deliver business relevant informa- tion with 360° customer view to all company and partners touch points (e.g. shops, web shop, customer service …).

Product is ideally positioned for service organizations with multiple backend system (CRMs, ERPs, DMSs, Billings …) with different data models, or different process that has to be presented or executed in uniform manner (e.g. conver- gent ordering).

  • 360° customer and service information display
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Convergent order management process support
  • Native tablet graphical presentation of data and processes
  • Single Sign On integration with legacy systems
  • Touch points specific process automation
  • Paperless office concept through integration with DMS
  • Tariff Recommendation Tool

1CV-SF enables decrease of average handling time with better cross/up sell ability due to availability of relevant customer, service and campaign information and process execution automation. Additionally new complex products can be envisioned, developed and effectively soled to customer base, that otherwise would be hard to execute, due to ability to impose end 2 end business rules over integrated data and processes.

With native tablet graphical presentation of data and processes 1CV-SF application can be used for full coverage of Door 2 Door sales process.

Tariff Recommendation Tool contains different tariffs and options combinations for business customer’s subscriptions. It enables key account managers interactive collaboration with customer at theirs premises with pre prepared offers tuning (parameter change). Accepted offer is transferred from tablet module to back office task management system.

Integration can be done on presentation layer with Single Sign On capabilities that can integrate existing web applications into 1CV-SF frames with data transfer for context positioning inside of legacy applications.

With these concepts backend systems can be transformed during needed period of time while common and integrated 1CV-SF frontend shields end users from underlying changes to the maximal possible extend.

All needed steps are delivered, from customer search and data display, presentation of appropriate convergent offers (eligibility), enforcement of e2e business rules till convergent contract signature and order execution in back- end systems. In a case of existing web/mobile infrastructure, enhanced 1CV-SF services and processes can be reused in order to enrich existing self-service functionalities.

As a result of 1CV-SF implementation and integration into legacy environment, backend services and processes are developed, orchestrated and optimized which enables 1CV-SF to additionally support interactive and real time customer self-service, mobile or web shop functionalities with adjusted self-service process flows and graphical presentation.

1CV-SF can become primary data access and process execution layer (unified frontend) or can have supporting role in larger transformation projects as a part of transitional architecture. Due to complex- ity and long lasting period of transformational projects 1CV-SF ability to step vise deliver needed functionalities on existing infrastructure lowers probability of trans- formational project interruptions due to immediate business needs.

Key benefits

  • 360° customer information display (accounts, services, products, interaction history, invoices, payments, debts and credit scoring etc.) acquired from backend systems via different protocols and data structures
  • Modern user interface with responsive design using icons and color coded graphical elements (trees, grids, toolbars, tabs …) for information display
  • Multiple searches via different input parameters and multiple structured customer and service information views (services, products, invoices, payments, debts and credit scoring information, interaction history, etc.)
  • Integrated and connected search with input parameters from different legacy systems
  • Legacy web applications Single Sign On integration with customer ID transfer within application tab or new window display
  • Touch points specific process automation across single or multiple backend systems (e.g. MDM administration for sales, SAP related processes automation for Customer Service) with user management rules application
  • Customer specific information display module for campaigns, cross and up-sell, tariff recommendation, churn prevention, technical feasibility and other business important information
  • Integration with Document Manage- ment System for customer document paperless office display/upload (IDs, contracts, invoices …)
  • Top X actions execution module based on touch points user proper- ties (e.g. IPTV PIN change for customer service agents)
  • Convergent (mobile voice data/fix triple play/energy) order management process implementation with existing order management flows integration (fix and mob) and end 2 end business rules application
  • Tablet web presentation layer for implemented business logic for Door 2 Door process support with or without back office support
  • Ability to OCR customer ID document picture and capture customer signature with tablet pen with upload to Document Management System
  • Key account users tablet interface for backend SFA system with territory and customers information and complex business customer order capture and transfer to back office task management system
  • Tariff and options combinations display from business tariff recom- mendation tool with advance graphical controls as enabler for navigation through large result set and optimal customer offer creation and presentation