Convergent Charging & Billing

mBill is designed to allow service providers to change their business models rapidly, become more customer-centric and leverage partners in the value chain. It enhances customer management, improves customer retention and financial performance by addressing revenue leakage and optimizing revenue management processes. With integrated prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid charging models supported in one solution, customers can benefit from a choice of offerings, such as personalized service bundles, tiered pricing and shared plans, unified control of family and business usage.

  • Managing complete process of billing and collection for convergent services
  • Fast Time To Market service providers can change business models rapidly
  • Modular solution supporting different billing and payment models
  • Industry independent
  • Flexible to support any business model:
    • Rating & Billing
    • PCRF
    • Bill shock prevention
    • Tariff simulation
    • Revenue assurance
    • Fraud management
    • Interconnect / Clearing
  • Dynamic product bundling
  • Transactions and charges can be transferred from one to another Billing Account in every stage of the process
  • Price calculations can be based on absolutely any and all information available to the rating system
  • Billable transactions can be acquired from multiple, different sources
  • Flexible Invoice Cycle Management
  • Discounting options supported multiple customer hierarchies
  • Increased visibility into the details of each customer account


mBill is designed to be applicable in any industry. It is based on common master data model and the same hierarchical calculation engine applied across all stages of billing process. Customer account can belong to multiple hierarchies (physical and organizational scheme, loyalty scheme, commissions, partner network, etc.). Through such flexible account management and advanced shared plans, customers can share service features and get more personalized levels of service. Together with dynamic product bundling and powerful rating and billing discount management capabilities, it helps service providers to monetize services dynamically, in real time, with the flexibility to support any business model.


An intuitive GUI driven engine, enables modelling of complex algorithms, and “visual programming”. It is, virtually eliminating functional or technical limitations in pricing development and revenue-sharing plans for different types of services. Through Innovative visual price plan builder tool and complete logging and debugging of all price plan execution steps, all the components can be reused and assembled into a configurable rating plan.


Thanks to the technology-agnostic, bottom-up service-oriented architecture (SOA) and extensive integration capabilities, it is possible to meet business objectives through partial modules implementation and integration with legacy billing, CRM and ERP systems, thus preserving investment in the existing infrastructure.

mBill rating&charging allows companies to gain multiple-tier real-time pricing, rating and packaging flexibility. Different types of pricing can be combined within a single rate plan, regardless of service or payment type. Price calculations can be based on absolutely any information available to the rating system and the result of one royalty, or cost calculation, can serve as the basis for another.

Through flexible invoice cycle and discount management capabilities, billing module consolidates multiple high-volume billing streams, from different sources, into a single invoice for each customer.

Configurable collection and dunning modules enable management of receivables and payments, dispute management and credit risk during the entire customer lifecycle. It provides increased visibility into the details of each customer account and efficient customer financial management.

Bill presentment component manages optimized production process, from layout composition with combination of dynamic data from different sources to creation of highly formatted templates for document presentment.

End-to-End Integrated

mBill suite is designed to streamline complex service pricing, charging and billing processes. It unifies customer management around the same data model and thanks to the aggregation and fragmentation capabilities; it can manage partner relationships throughout the whole business cycle and enhance audit control.

Billing process flow consists of multistage filtering, fragmentation, grouping and discounting processes, where each stage has custom configuration. This way transaction, fragments and charges can be transferred from one to another Billing Account in every stage of the process. During the actual invoicing run, the software automatically triggers functions in receivable and payable contract accounts to coordinate business processes.

mBill makes it simple for service providers to respond to new market challenges, launch innovative new flexible services, offer tailored promotions, accelerate time to market and reduce operational costs.