Business Transaction Monitoring

Business Transaction Monitoring solution gives insight into business transaction execution by providing visibility of business and composing technical transaction across distributed environments. iBTM enables graphical view of process execution by correlating individual technical transactions into single End2End business process view, including service level agreement monitoring.

iBTM 2

iBTM overview

Business Transaction Visibility

Graphical display of business transaction execution through series of drill down enabled graphs with tree display of technical transaction hierarchy.Transaction Analysis 
Business-oriented search with business or technical attributes for ad-hoc analysis.

Transaction Hierarchy

Multi-level hierarchy of technical transaction with bridge functionality, that connects transactions from different applications that have no explicit hierarchy connection.

Business and Technical Context

Transaction attributes and business rule enforcement on data from business or technical context.

Business Rules Validation

Rules application via inspection of transaction data; missing or incompatible values, parameter comparison or data analysis through custom business logic.

Exception Management

Quick identification of erroneous components within process execution with functionality of pre-configured actions execution for recurring errors.

Service Level Agreement

Different performance targets and escalation criteria depending on transaction attributes with ability to engage different recipients based on business or technology context.

Business Transaction Discovery

Calculation of monitoring configuration (hops of a transaction in topology) from process execution with documentation of monitored business processes.

Transaction Performance

Aggregated metrics gives insight into process execution performance with data trends refreshed in near real time.