1CustomerView Sales frontend

Sales frontend 1

1CS&SF represents proven web and mobile application, with development framework that enables service providers to deliver business relevant information with 360 customer view, to all company and partners touch points (e.g. shops, web shop, customer service …).

Product is a part of BSS Transformation Tools family, ideally positioned for service organizations with multiple backend systems (CRMs, ERPs, DMSs, Billings …), with different data models or different processes that has to be presented or executed in uniform manner (e.g. convergent ordering).

Sales frontend 2

  1. 360 customer and service information display, in uniform and structured manner
  2. multiple searches via different input parameters and multiple structured customer and service information views (services, products, invoices, payments, debts and credit scoring information, interaction history, etc.)
  3. Single Sign On integration with backend systems
  4. convergent order management process support
  5. native tablet graphical presentation of data and processes
  6. Tariff Recommendation Tool

Sales frontend 3


Case study based on successful Telco implementation of 1CS&SF in heterogeneous post-paid mobile and fix system environment

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