Unified Output Management

UOM (Unified Output Management) is integrated solution for design, production and multichannel delivery of customer documents based on variable data.

UOM streamlines extraction and processing of dynamic data from different sources, creation of highly formatted templates for “pixel perfect” document presentment and delivery through different communication channels: by paper, e-mail, and most electronic formats.

uOM overview

• Significant reduction of the costs associated with printing and postage
• Shift away from print to electronic communications
• Improve process of design and document production
• Highly efficient process management with error reporting
• Different documents for the single client can be combined (into one or more envelopes)
• Flexibility in handling multiple data formats and changing business rules

• Increased control of print management providers and alternative delivery channels
• Better time-to-market and reduced testing and integration cycles
• Minor technical expertise required by client to use and maintain the system
• High performance delivery of large number of documents with minimal impact to transactional systems.


uOM datasheet
uOM Data Sheet