Manages and Optimize Cash Needs

Streamlining operations is the goal of any financial institution. A critical area to review is cash operations. Cash is not just a non-earning asset, it represents labor, time and expense. Cash is touched by multiple people, from your tellers to finance managers. Are they doing it effectively?

An effective cash management process considers all demand, expense and service drivers. The alignment of these dynamic cash factors is a challenge for branch personnel and ATM mangers to deliver.

mCash overview

• Accurate cash order and deposit recommendations by denomination.
• Forecast cash needs based on complex analysis of historical cash usage.
• Cash management process improvement for de-centralized and centralized operations.
• Optimize cash levels, reduce transport and money cost

• Improves communication between branches and operation departments.
• Integration options with correspondent banks, corporate credit unions, armored car carriers and the national banks
• Audit features to monitor order and deposits and automated notifications for limit adherence.

iBTM datasheet
mCash Data Sheet