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mFrame is a comprehensive software development platform for building modern modular WEB and B2B applications. It supports modeling and managing of business processes and contains a number of modules and applications stack supporting many standard business activities such as:

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mFrame consists of basic core modules as well as other delevoped configurable application components built on best practices suitable for rapid development of web applications with minimum of coding. Some of the key component are:

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  1. Configurable desktop and application area
  2. WEB form module for building complex rich WEB forms
  3. Workflow module for modeling and control of business processes (BPM)
  4. Document management and document metadata (versioning, indexing, collaboration)
  5. Configurable reporting module (custom-definition of the report, customizable query forms,
  6. drill down/drill accross, interactive actions)
  7. B2B Integration modules
  8. Import / Export (MS Word, MS Excel), bulk processing modules
  9. Secure access to data, security and access rights, auditing and history logs
  10. E-mail processing modules, print letter processing

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