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Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, 23 – 24 October 2018 | Frankfurt, Germany

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mConsent is centralized solution for consents and GDPR subject requests management.

It can be easily integrated into existing IT landscape with minimal impact on systems and processes, with the ability to connect consents to different customer hierarchy levels. By using underlying MDM mechanism, it merges customer and consent data received from integrated systems and evaluate consent status.

Configuration of GDPR Subject requests enables definition of execution steps, with preconditions, before triggering actions on GDPR related systems with full audit history.

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mDQ – Data Quality is an application solution that allows monitoring and control of the consistency of the data according to complex business rules and eligibility criteria. Maintaining data quality includes automatic monitoring of data according to defined rules; alerting and reporting to persons responsible, in line with fine grained responsibility definition and data governance structure; supervision of correction of incorrect data and detailed analytics.

It is SQL based, high performance Oracle in-database solution that uses advanced database features

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Make Big Data work for you

slikaTailored data lake design and implementation

Whether you need a data lake for advanced analytics (structured, semi structured or unstructured data), business intelligence, self-service BI, batch or in-stream machine learning, we design and model data lakes to suit current and future business needs. With tailored data analyzes, data lake can provide you speed and reliability that is needed to advance and grow your business with new valuable insight.

Stream processing

Take advantage of in-stream pre-processing and processing to shape the data for your analytical needs in form of structured data for organized storage or for fast real time downstream machine learning, scoring and visualization.

Stream visualization

Visualize data instantly and directly from the data pipeline. Create rich, interactive, HTML5 (or compatible with older browsers) web graphs. Discover insights from your data as soon as they arrive.

Stream/batch data ingestion

Whether it is batch data ingestion (e.g. overnight) or stream data ingestion (storage pipeline) we design and implement your Data Lake to be fast and scalable, for your current as well as future needs in archiving, further processing, deep data analysis, machine learning or BI.

Big Data integration

Integrate your data from various databases/storages into a single storage (HDFS), impose structure with different engines (e.g. Hive or Impala) and use it as a source for other tools such as R and Spark. We organize data masking and role-based access to information and transparently encrypt data on HDFS level – for Data At-Rest and Data In-Transit.

Massively Scalable real time analytics

We provide fast and scalable means of analyzing huge data sets to help organizations make informed business decisions. Big data analytics provides advanced analytics, which involves complex applications with elements such as predictive models, statistical algorithms and what-if analyses powered by high-performance analytics systems. You can uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful information that can help organizations make more-informed business decisions.

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